Blue Handzy

$ 19.99 USD


•HANDZY CAN HANDLE IT! Each Handzy handle has been tested to carry up to 100 lbs, durable and ergonomic. Handzy is a pretty cool gadget that helps you carry a lot of stuff
•CARRY MORE ITEMS WITH LESS EFFORT. Handzy is virtually indestructible and fits easily into your pocket, purse, glove box, or tool box
•SAVE YOUR FINGERS! Comfort grip is designed to protect your hands and fingers from the painful pressure of carrying handled or heavy objects. Weight distribution technology allows you to carry more items in one hand without slippage or dropping.
•HANDZY STAYS BUSY. Take advantage of Handzy to carry everything from grocery bags to industrial buckets and everything in between. Use it at home, in the garage, out in the yard, at the office, in the outdoors, or at a construction site. What you can do with a Handzy is limited only by your imagination
•MADE IN USA, MADE TO LAST. Made of 100% recyclable plastic. Handzy comes in pairs so they can work as a team. Plus, we don’t want ‘em to get lonely. And you’ve got two hands so everything works out perfectly. There is symmetry in the universe.
Each order comes with a pair of Handzy's


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